Academic Staff Terminal Contract Deadline

As a general reminder, a HR Front End (HRFE) transaction for a Notice of Non-Reappointment (NONR) must be submitted to the UIC HR Service Center no later than January 29, 2020 for any Academic Professional, Postdoctoral Research Associate and Faculty employees whose appointment terms entitle them to a formal NONR from the Board of Trustees.  Terminal notices will be required for those employees that will not be reappointed beyond the end of the current academic year ending on August 15, 2020.  This includes:

  • Permanent full‐time Academic Professionals on hard funds employed for less than 4 years
  • Permanent full‐time Academic Professionals on soft funds who have completed at least 4 but less than 5 years of service
  • Full‐time Postdoctoral Research Associates on hard funds
  • Faculty in year 1 of their tenure‐track probationary period
  • Faculty who are entitled to formal notice based on their appointment percent time and source of funds.  Please review Faculty Affairs Policy 901: Notice of Non-Reappointment for Tenure Track and Non-Tenured Faculty to determine whether formal notice is due.

Academic Professional Notices of Non-Reappointments can start and end at any time, as long as they cover the sufficient notice period to which they are entitled.  However, Postdoctoral Research Associates who are paid from guaranteed/hard funding and who do not receive their notice 6 months prior to the end of their contract must be offered another full year appointment.

While certain employees may have been appointed on dates outside of the standard academic year due to business needs, the standard academic year is presumed if there is no end date on the employee’s job. You may confirm appointment terms by viewing the employee’s Notification of Appointment (NOA) on the NOA tab in the HRFE system.

To submit the NONR transaction, please complete an Employee Job Record Change transaction in the HRFE system, with the necessary terminal letter attached, and route to the UIC HR Service Center no later than 5PM, Wednesday, January 29, 2020.  The Job Comments section should confirm that the employee’s current mailing address information has been verified and is accurate.  An amended NOA reflecting the initial Notice of Non-reappointment will be mailed to the employee’s mailing address by the Board of Trustees Office.

To alert UIC Human Resources of pending NONR transactions, please email the HR Service Center at with the name and UIN of the employee(s) that you are submitting.  Please also specify in the subject line if the NONR is for an Academic Professional, Postdoctoral Research Associate or a Faculty employee. This will help ensure transactions are processed by the Board of Trustees deadline.

Please reference the Academic Professional Notices of Non-Reappointment page and the HR Front End Notice of Non-Reappointment Job Aid on the UIC Human Resources website for more detailed information on the Academic Professional Notice of Non-Reappointment process, Policy Information and Job Aids.

Please refer to the Faculty Handbook, specifically Policy 901: Notice of Non-Reappointment for Tenure Track and Non-Tenured Faculty for detailed information regarding notice rights for Faculty employees.  Additionally, faculty covered under the Non-Tenure System Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement must be informed of their reappointment or non-reappointment by specified dates, even if a Notice of Non-Reappointment is not required by the Board of Trustees.  Refer to Article IX.B.3 for further information.

For all other appointments where no formal notice of non-reappointment is required, units should give a reasonable period of notice to the employee if the employee’s contract will not be renewed.