Academic Vacation and Sick Leave (AVSL) Reporting

Spring 2020

From:    Human Resources
Re:       Academic Vacation and Sick Leave (AVSL) Reporting

This message provides information about reporting Academic Vacation and Sick Leave (AVSL) in Banner. Please forward to all appropriate individuals in your unit who maintain PEALEAV or who answer questions regarding AVSL reporting.

An overview AVSL webinar will be held on May 20, 2020 at 10:00 AM. To register, please go to the following link:  Resource materials are available online on the UIC Human Resources website under

Mass communications will NOT be sent to affected employees.  Therefore, if you have not already begun to collect the information, you may wish to share the information below with your affected academic employees.

As a reminder, University policy requires that AVSL be reported twice a year, in May and in September. Units should be collecting AVSL usage from employees in preparation for the first 2020 reporting period. This is particularly important for those leave-eligible employees who may be leaving campus on May 15, 2020.

The two AVSL reporting periods will be: August 16, 2019 through May 15, 2020, and May 16, 2020 through August 15, 2020.  Because the University must report its liability to the State in June, it is critical this reporting be done for both 9/12 and 12/12 month employees.

** AVSL usage information should be entered into Banner beginning May 16, 2020 and no later than June 6, 2020 for the first reporting period.**  Colleges/units that currently use the University AVSL tool will not need to complete these steps.  Please refer to the instructions that were sent out by University System Human Resource Office.

As a general reminder, employees should NOT be entering their own leave usage in Banner. If one individual enters usage for all Academics in that unit, department, and/or college, a different individual must be identified to enter usage for that person. There are no exceptions to this process. 

Remember that your employees should report any leave taken in hours, keeping in mind that one full-time day equals eight hours. For example, if your full-time employee used 10 vacation days and 2 sick days, you would report 80 hours of vacation leave used and 16 hours of sick leave used. As a reminder, Academic employees who are not eligible for overtime should be reporting absences in half- and full-day increments only (except when leave is taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act). Absences in increments less than half- or full-days should not be charged against vacation or sick leave balances. Part-time and alternative schedule employees report absences as appropriate based on their schedule. Generally speaking, the employee reports either half-day or a full-day based on their scheduled hours for the day.

Please note: When an employee separates from the University, departments are requested to use the same process in order to bring leave balances current for payout purposes.

The AVSL PEALEAV Balances Report is available for your reference in the HR Reporting Portal. After logging in with your Enterprise ID and password, select PEALEAV Year to Date Balances under General. You can only access information for your organization. If you cannot access the report, have your Unit Security Contact (USC) submit a request in the AITS Security Application.  Then follow these steps:


  1. Click on the Data & Reports drop down list at the top of the page
  2. Select Reports-HR-Pay
  3. Click on the UHR Reporting Portal
  4. Select Add on the drop down next to the General Access profile
  5. Click on the Save button
  6. Click on the View/Submit Request button
  7. Review the request
  8. Click on the Submit button


The steps above assumes the user already has access to the organization code(s). If not, you will also need to submit a request to add Department HR Organization Level Access.  This can be found by selecting Banner HR-Pay under the HR-Pay drop down list at the top of the page.


If you do not know who your USC is, access the USC List by selecting your campus and entering your Enterprise ID and password.

If you have any questions, please contact your campus Human Resources office.

UIC HR Service Center (312) 413-3490 or

UIC HR Help Desk, (312) 413-4848 or