Civil Service Hiring

Dear Colleagues,

As the Campus & Hospital are implementing modified schedules and remote work arrangements for staff, UICHR Recruitment & Testing will also begin to work remotely.  Effective March 25, 2020 all in-person civil service testing has been suspended.  We have suspended testing in an effort to limit exposure to our staff and applicants and prevent the further spread of COVID-19 following recommended social distancing.

While we are suspending in-person testing we wanted to assure all of you that we are continuing to work towards filling your civil service hiring needs.  We will utilize our existing Registers for those classifications which require in-person testing.  For those classifications that do not require in-person testing, we will continue to accept applicants and build Registers through the Credential Assessment exam component.

We are requesting your continued partnership to identify and prioritize your critical hiring needs.  We are requesting that each unit carefully examine their areas to determine which positions must be filled now and those that may either be cancelled or placed on hold.  Please keep in mind as the large majority of you are working remotely please examine your units capability of successfully onboarding, training and setting the new hire up for success in their new role.  We are also requesting your commitment to completing all interviews of candidates currently referred to the department.  We are advising that all interviews be conducted via telephone, skype or video conferencing.  We request that you provide UICHR with timely and accurate dispositions of the interviews so we may employ our Register Maintenance activities.  Please utilize the Schedule Event tool within HireTouch to document the interview dates.  Please update the applicant status with the disposition of the interview.

Please work directly with your aligned UICHR Recruiting Partner to prioritize all of your current vacancies.