Civil Service Vacation Leave Accrual Limit

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes to our current work and living environments, thus affecting our ability to use vacation leave at this time.  For civil service employees, our payroll system accrues leave time before it deducts time used; these employees are also subject to an accrual limit. To ensure that civil service employees can continue to accrue leave time during the stay-at-home order, the civil service max accrual limit for vacation leave will be removed until we resume normal working conditions. Upon returning to normal work conditions, employees who have accrued vacation leave above the max limit will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to use excess leave before the normal max limit is reinstated. This time frame will be communicated to affected employees after normal work conditions resume.

Information about implementing this provision is being communicated to your HR representative(s) by your university or system human resources office this week.