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Criminal Background Checks and HireTouch Updates

The purpose of this Information Alert is to inform colleges and units of immediate changes regarding submitting criminal background checks in HireTouch.  These changes are in direct result of the JDXpert and Cornerstone implementations.  More information regarding the various changes and the project plan can be referenced in the following newsletter:

Effective August 19, 2022, colleges and units will no longer be able to submit their background checks via HireTouch.  This will directly affect those colleges/units that still have open searches in HireTouch that have not been finalized.  Background check submissions for all HireTouch searches that have not been finalized will need to be submitted via the UIC HR Service Center (HRSC) Background Check Form in FormBuilder.

When processing the requests in FormBuilder that originated in HireTouch, please include the HireTouch Job ID number in the Unit Comments section of the FormBuilder form.  This will help the background check processing team when sending the clearances when the checks have been finalized.

As you are aware, you are able to submit background checks in Cornerstone for any new searches that originated in JDXpert.  Please expect additional changes to the CBC FormBuilder process after HireTouch is fully shut down.  The long-term goal will be to have all eligible background submissions completed directly through Cornerstone.

More information regarding the background check process can be found on our Background Check Compliance page on the UIC Human Resources website.  For general Criminal Background Check inquiries, please contact us at

For specific questions regarding HireTouch, Cornerstone, or JDXpert, please contact the UICHR Help Desk at