Department Specific Instructions to Employees

As you are aware, many UIC employees (including members of various unions) are transitioning to working remotely. The purpose of permitting employees to work remotely is to help minimize the risk of contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus. In addition to University-wide instructions, many Departments are coming up with instructions that are tailored to their specific operations.  Members would be expected to follow the instructions (including, but not limited to signing Telecommuting Agreements).

It is imperative that you forward to Labor Relations any instructions to employees that affect their normal work routine, including any forms or agreements that you are requiring employees to sign which may be different than the UIC HR Telecommuting Agreement form. A previous communication outlined the need to forward a copy of all Telecommuting Agreement forms to Dr. Michael Ginsburg at and that should still continue to be the case. Some or all of your additional instructions may need to be shared and discussed with the various unions whose members are impacted. It is imperative that you email Amy Levant, ( a sample of any instructions to employees that affect their normal work routine.

I think we agree that personal health is the number 1 priority for all.  Given that, we hope to maintain as much normalcy for our employees and students.  The University is committed to maintaining operations with the least amount of disruption as possible, including minimizing disruption to the students we serve.  However, there is a need to keep unions informed of managerial decisions as we move forward.