Earnings Codes for Hourly Employees Being Paid But Not Working

There are two payroll earnings code which should be used to document non-exempt (hourly) employees who are being paid but not performing work onsite or remotely during this period.

  •       EAP is used for Civil Service employees
  •       EAO is used for Student, Extra Help, Faculty/Clinical/Research Hourly and Grad Hourly

Student Employees, Extra Help, Faculty/Clinical/Research Hourly and Graduate Hourly employees who are working remotely should be paid for the duration of their hourly appointment, or the end of the Spring semester (May 15, 2020), whichever is earlier.  It is recommended that departments use either the already determined scheduled work hours or the average number of hours worked over the 4 week period prior to March 15th.  These hourly employees may submit their timesheet according to their normal process or units may enter time for the employees based on an email that the employee submits to the supervisor.  In situations where these hourly employees are only able to complete a portion of their regularly assigned duties remotely, actual hours worked should be reported as normal and unworked hours should be reported with a code of EAO.  In situations where these employees are not able to work remotely all hours should be reported as EAO.


Feel free to contact the HR Help Desk at (312) 413-4848 if you have any questions.


For questions regarding student employees please contact the Office of Student Employment at studentjobs@uic.edu