Summer GA Appointment Processing 2019

The following guidelines have been established for processing summer graduate appointments:

  • The May HRFE deadline for MN6 to submit a transaction to UICHR Service Center is 5/15/2019
    • Reappointments direct applied by the College must be applied by 6/05/2019
  • The June HRFE deadline for MN7 to submit a transaction to UICHR Service Center is 6/17/2019
    • Reappointments direct applied by the College must be applied by 7/07/2019

General Position and Job Information

Position Number

Use existing pooled Summer Job positions first. If position number does not exist with the job title needed for summer, then please create a new position based on the p-class structure found under the title section.


SM – It is not necessary to use multiple suffixes to reflect different FTE changes. Units have the ability to add future dated changes as part of the HRFE transaction.

Effective Date

Effective date for summer service cannot be prior to 5/16/19. Except for Summer Session instruction, the effective date should be the first date that actual service is being provided.

End Date

End date for summer service cannot exceed 8/15/19. Except for Summer Session instruction, the end date should be the last date that actual service is being provided.

Job Type



Listed below are the acceptable job titles and the P–class abbreviations:

Type of Service


Abbreviated Job Title

Summer Graduate Assistant




Summer Graduate Teaching Assistant



Summer Graduate Research Assistant




The FTE will represent service provided by the graduate student.



As during the AY 2018-2019, the summer salary must maintain the minima for graduate appointments.
AY 2018-2019 –Graduate Hourly minima per hour rate is $24.20 effective 5/19/19


9 – No other value is acceptable.


Labor distribution information. It is not necessary to use multiple suffixes for different funding sources.


HR Front End (HRFE) Routing

  •  HR Front End (HRFE) transactions for Graduate reappointments only are direct applied at the College level. Step-by-step HRFE instructions can be found in the HR Front End Transaction – Graduate Reappointment located online: (
  • All other HR Front End transaction types such as New Hire, Add Job, etc. will be applied by the UIC HR Service Center.
  • Please verify rates to be in line with the updated graduate employee minima prior to routing HRFE transactions.

Graduate Employee’s Organization (GEO)

Required Attachements

  • Letter of Offer/Notice of Appointment is required. Use the template available on the UIC HR website:
  •  The Position Authorization form is NOT required by the campus for graduate appointments. Units should continue to follow the
    standard practice established by their college for position approvals.
    NOTE: the Assistantship Waiver Acceptance form is not required as an attachment to HRFE. Forms should be retained at the unit/college level.

International Employees

  • Units must verify that the graduate assistant’s visa expiration date is current for the appointment period before initiating the HR Front End transaction. It is the college’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the data before direct applying any

Adding Graduate Hourly jobs

  • Attach offer letter if available, otherwise add job comment in HRFE transaction stating the period of the graduate hourly job and estimated work hours per week. This is required to monitor the total hours a Graduate Assistant is eligible to work without affecting the tuition waiver.
  • All hourly appointments require an end date.

Inactive Graduate Students Appointments

  • Please review your active list of graduate students that are under your home org. Submit HR Front End separation transactions for those graduate assistants or grad hourly appointments who have graduated Spring 2018 or who have not been employed in your unit for over one (1) year.


Although the Graduate College does not require summer registration to hold a summer assistantship, a minimum of 3 hours registration is required to receive a summer tuition waiver. Students receiving an assistantship must maintain a minimum registration through the end of the term in order to retain the waiver.

Students who are appointed with a graduate assistantship during the summer must meet the summer graduate assistant tuition waiver guidelines to receive a summer waiver which requires a student to hold the 1) appropriate FTE and 2) be appointed for a minimum of
41 calendar days.

NOTE: Students who are not enrolled for at least 3 credit hours during the summer will have FICA and OASDI (Social Security) taxes
deducted from their earnings.

Tuition Waivers

All Graduate tuition and fee waivers are taxable unless exempt under the Internal Revenue Code. Code IRC §117 allows exemption from taxation of tuition and fees for waivers above $5,250 for individuals conducting teaching or research activities. Students who held
an assistantship during the spring term will receive the same type of tuition waiver in the summer if they do not hold a qualifying summer graduate assistant appointment.

Additional information on Taxation of Graduate Assistant & Pre-Professional Graduate Assistant Tuition waivers can be found at:

Additional Graduate Assistant Processing Resources

Please refer to the documents below for additional information