New Hire Transactions & Benefits

September 25, 2018

Dear HR Front End Users,

This is a general reminder for HRFE users who process new hire transactions. Make sure that you are providing newly hired employees their UI New Hire logon ID and password as soon as possible – timeliness is critical for State benefits enrollment!

Why is this so important?

If employees do not make their benefit elections in time, they will default to the more expensive Quality Care Health and Dental plans without the option to insure any dependents.

What is the connection between UI New Hire and CMS MyBenefits?

Employees enroll in State benefits through CMS MyBenefits (, and they have only 30 calendar days from their eligibility date to make benefit elections.

New hires eligible for State benefits, or current employees gaining benefit eligibility through an Employee Group Change (EGC), will not gain access to CMS MyBenefits until after they have completed and submitted their Employee Information Form (EIF) in Step 1 or Demographic Verification before Step 1 in UI New Hire.Accordingly, you must give CMS-eligible employees their UI New Hire Login ID and password as quickly as possible (ideally prior to their eligibility date) so that they have adequate time to make their State benefit elections.

What helpful Info Can I Provide to Employees?

You can let newly benefit-eligible employees know that three (3) days after completing their EIF, they can access by clicking “Login” (upper right of screen), and then “Logging in for the first time? Register” (lower right of screen) and answering the self-registration questions. This will help them gain access to CMS MyBenefits sooner than waiting to receive login details via postal mail.

Resources for New Hire Processing


If you have any questions about State benefit elections for new hires, please contact University Payroll & Benefits (UPB):

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