Civil Service Employees Vacation Leave Accrual

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes to our current work and living environments, thus affecting our ability to use vacation leave at this time.  As you know, civil service policies require that vacation leave is accrued before it can be used and each accrual schedule has a maximum number of hours that can be used. Accruals stop if an employee is at the limit, until they use leave time and thus are below the maximum. To ensure that employees can continue to accrue leave time during the stay-at-home order, the Civil Service max accrual limit for vacation leave will be removed until we resume normal working conditions.


In removing the max vacation leave accrual limit, we are promoting a fair and employee-friendly approach that is consistent with the experience for Academic employees during the stay-at-home order, as well as helping to prevent a situation where large numbers of Civil Service employees are trying to take vacation days at the same time to prevent the loss of accrual. This change will go into effect with Bi-weekly pay 8 and is being communicated to employees at 95% of the max limit or higher.


Questions should be directed to UIC HR or System HR as appropriate:


Chicago: 312.413.3490 or

System Offices: 217.333.2600 or