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Developing Employees

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The Employee Performance Program provides supervisors with resources to help coach and guide employee job performance and professional development throughout the year.

Academic Professional and Civil Service employees should receive a Performance Review (UIC HR Policy 602) each year between May 15 and August 15.

Your Role as a Supervisor

As a supervisor, your role is to help employees that report to you understand their job responsibilities and achieve job performance goals and expectations while guiding and coaching performance improvement and professional development activities.

Compliance with Unit, College, or Department Procedures

The Employee Performance Program should support and supplement any program or reporting process that your unit, college, or department may have in place.

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Goals and Expectations

Communicating and documenting job Goals and Expectations for each employee is a necessary first step in guiding individuals toward a greater understanding of how their role supports their department. Using the employee’s job description, duties, and responsibilities, the supervisor and employee discuss, agree upon, and document goals and expectations for the coming year.

During this meeting, you should discuss and record individual learning opportunities to support employee growth and improvement.



Feedback and Guidance

Providing praise, coaching, and constructive feedback to team members throughout the year promotes individual learning, workplace engagement, and productivity.


Annual Review

An Annual Review is a conversation that summarizes and documents development and feedback meetings held throughout the year. During the review, the supervisor and employee discuss job performance and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Supervisors should also ascertain employee understanding of the Core Competencies recognized at UIC.

The Annual Review provides employees with the opportunity to assess their progress, receive feedback on job performance, and seek guidance on how to advance in their career.