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Salary Planner


Salary Planner is a web-based tool used to reappoint for the upcoming academic year and to provide salary increases that are part of the annual Salary Program. Information on the Salary Planner tool, including Key Dates for the fiscal year, can be found under the topics below.



Access to Salary Planner must be requested by your unit security contact (USC).  Locate your USC

Support Labs Heading link

Support Lab registration can be found on the HR Systems Page.

Past Webinars Heading link

DateMain TopicsTips & TricksMedia
06/04/2024New Salary Planner Interface
FY2025 Salary Planner Activities
Add/Delete Process
Position Data Tips
Job Detail Tips
Salary Reason "Buckets"
FTE Changes
Tips & Tricks
Do's and Dont's
Support Resources
PowerPoint Recording

Job Aids Heading link

Salary Planner Job Aids and Reporting Options

HR Reporting Portal Reports

  • Budget Profile
  • Salary Planner FOAP Does Not Equal 100


Salary Planner reports can be refreshed on demand with access to the Salary Planner tool and EDDIE/InfoView. Unit Security Contacts can request access to salary planner reports by sending an email to the HR/Pay Security team:

Key Dates Heading link

Note: Add/Deletes are scheduled for every Monday and Thursday evening, beginning on July 1st through August 15th.
Date Event Description
05/08/2024 PRACTICE Scenarios Created
05/29/2024 PRACTICE Scenario Add/Delete
06/04/2024 Salary Planner Webinar
06/13/2024 PRACTICE Scenarios Deleted
late June (tentative) Units can begin edits on FINAL Scenarios
07/19/2024 (tentative) College Lockout Date for Academic (AC), Visiting Academic (VAP) and Open Range (OR) scenarios
08/14/2024 Upload of Visiting Academics (VAP) records
08/19/2024 Upload of Academic (AC) records
08/22/2024 Upload of Open Range (OR) records
08/23/2024 Lockout & Upload Date for Unpaid (UA) records
09/11/2024 BW 19 Pay Date
09/16/2024 MN 9 Pay Date
09/19/2024 Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting
09/21/2024 Notice of Appointments (NOA) released