Salary Planner


Salary Planner is used for completing academic year appointment processing tasks such as salary changes and reappointments for the beginning of the academic year. Information on the Salary Planner tool can be found under the topics below.



Access to Salary Planner must be requested by your unit security contact (USC).  Locate your USC



AY 2021-2022 Salary Planner Open – 6/22/2021

FY 2022 Salary Guidelines – 6/11/2021

AY 2021-2022 Salary Planner Practice Activities – 5/4/2021


User Guide

FY 2022 Salary Planner User Guide


Job Aids



Salary Planner reports can be refreshed on demand with access to the Salary Planner tool and EDDIE/InfoView. Unit Security Contacts can request access to salary planner reports by sending an email to the HR/Pay Security team:

Click here to view the HR reports.

Key Dates

Note: Add/Deletes are scheduled for every Monday and Thursday evening, beginning on July 8th through August 23rd.
Date Event Description
6/22/2021 Units can begin edits on FINAL Scenarios
7/23/2021 Lockout Date for Academic (AC), Visiting Academic (VAP) and Open Range (OR) scenarios
8/18/2021 Upload of Visiting Academics (VAP) records
8/23/2021 Upload of Academic (AC) records
8/26/2021 Upload of Open Range (OR) records
8/27/2021 Lockout & Upload Date for Unpaid (UA) records
9/15/2021 BW 19 Pay Date
9/16/2021 MN 9 Pay Date
9/23/2021 Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting
9/25/2021 Notice of Appointments (NOA) released