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Temporary/Extra Help

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The Human Resources Temporary Services Office approves and monitors the status of Extra Help appointments. An Extra Help position is defined as a position established for a period which is intermittent or emergent in nature, payment is on an hourly basis, and the work cannot be assigned either on a straight-time or on an overtime basis to status employees. Extra Help appointments must not exceed 900 hours of actual work in any consecutive 12 calendar months. The use of Extra Help positions and corresponding hours worked will be reviewed with the departments at preset intervals in efforts to ensure appropriate placement and compliance. Please see Extra Help Administrative Changes Memo for more information


Charges for Extra Help Services


Departments will be charged $363 per requisition for extra help services.

A requisition must be submitted and the $363 fee will be assessed when any of the following events occur:

  • Department request for new extra help hire.  The Recruiter will contact the Department to acknowledge receipt of the request and review pertinent hiring information.  The Recruiter will then contact the candidate to begin the onboarding process.  Charges will be assessed once the candidate is contacted and onboarding has commenced, regardless if the position request is subsequently cancelled.
  • Employee who has been off payroll for any length of time (30 days, 6 months, etc.) returns to UIC extra help employment.
  • Employee is reassigned to another org code within same department in same job title.
  • Employee whose assignment is not consecutive but periodic across a calendar year and expected to be less than 600 hours (e.g. Bookstore staff, Safety Officers, Clinical Actors).  For these positions, a new Requisition must be submitted every January  1st.

Charges for requisitions submitted the previous month will be assessed at the end of the following month and will be charged to the department’s 142350 Account fund unless otherwise designated.


Selection of Candidate


The hiring unit will identify a candidate based on the needs of the department.

Rehiring retirees is subject to review and approval based on the Return to Work law and UIC policies. See Hiring UI Retiree or SURS Annuitant.


The Extra Help Hiring Process



Effective March 5, 2018, requests to fill a position an Extra Help position must be made through the HireTouch system.



The Hospital has established a protocol to complete the hiring approval process. Once the request has been approved, complete the New Hire Transaction form.


UIC Human Resources

  • Determine tsystem.itle based on the class specification.
  • Determine rate of pay within UIC pay plans.
  • Completes onboarding process.
  • Establishes start date.



Onboarding and Orientation

Hiring managers should welcome new employee and orient them to UIC and the department. NetIDs can be established through the ID office. Access to any systems should be established within the department. Payroll is handled within the department.


Temporary Outside Agency Hiring


Outside Agency temporaries should be used to fill in for short term assignments or when a department has not been able to identify a candidate who can be hired as an Extra Help. UIC Human Resources provides a number of agencies that can provide coverage for the campus and Hospital in a wide variety of titles. Typically coverage can be provided within three business days. Temps are cleared to work in any capacity at UIC. Time sheets are provided by the agency. Departments are required to approve and fax time sheets to the agency.



Departments need to provide a Position Authorization form. NetID can be established through the ID office. Access to any systems should be established within the department. These assignments can be ended at any time. Time sheets will be completed and faxed over to the agency every two weeks and charge backs will be completed in Banner.



Complete the hiring approval process as established by the Hospital. NetID can be established through the ID office. Access to any systems should be established within the department. Orientation must be arranged through the department to ensure compliance with Hospital requirements. All documents required for auditing will be housed in UIC Human Resources and will be provided as needed.