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Academic Professional

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Academic Professional employees perform high-level duties and frequently have specialized responsibilities in academic, research, or administrative areas. The minimum educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate field. An advanced degree and experience uniquely relevant to the job is often required. Academic Professional employees are hired for a specified contract period.

Academic Professional Exemptions

By state law, Academic Professional positions must be individually exempted from Civil Service status by the State Universities Civil Service System. Academic Professional exemptions may be an option if no Civil Service title meets the hiring organization’s needs within System Office class specifications. Positions that may be exempted from the Civil Service System are described in Section 36e(4) Exemption Criteria (PDF) of the State Universities Civil Service System Statute. The Required Criteria and list of Standard Academic Professional Titles may also help determine if a position might have an Academic Professional designation.


Validate the Academic Professional Exemption

A Job Analysis is required to determine if the position can be exempted from the Civil Service System. To initiate the job analysis process, a formal request and description of the position’s essential duties and responsibilities must be sent via email to When a position is determined to be Academic Professional the Human Resources unit creates the job description as a PDF document ready to submit to HireTouch.


Assemble a Search Committee

Usually composed of five to nine individuals, search committees advise the hiring officer during candidate recruitment and selection. Generally the department chairperson, or other key administrator, assists the hiring manager in selecting the search committee chairperson. Detailed information on the form and function of the search committee can be found in the Search Manual located on the OAE Hiring Services website.


Submit a Position Notice for Academic Search

Before recruitment can be initiated the hiring unit submits a Position Notice for Academic Search containing the job description, job ad, recruitment plan, and search committee composition. The Notice for Academic Search and all supporting documentation is submitted for approval into the HireTouch system.

The Office for Access and Equity reviews the proposed advertisements for consistency with the position description, and reviews the position notice, recruitment plan, advertisements, and where the position will be advertised. The employee who submits the request on behalf of the hiring unit is notified by email when the position notice has been submitted for review and approval by OAE.

Search is Implemented

Following OAE’s approval, the department implements the search plan. The search committee screens applicants and selects candidates who meet the minimum qualifications as posted in the job advertisement. Before interviews begin, the search committee submits the candidate list to OAE Hiring Services.

Candidate Interview and Selection

The respective college or unit hiring authority oversees the actual recruitment and selection process for Academic Professional hires. This includes the following: interviewing potential candidates, selecting the candidate to hire, and extending the job offer.


Onboarding and Orientation

After the final candidate is selected, the hiring authority can begin the onboarding process. The HR FRONT END DOCUMENT CHECKLIST FOR ACADEMIC PROFESSIONALS can be used as a resource for hiring managers. The checklist outlines the documents and forms that are required to be completed and uploaded into the HR Front End system to complete the hiring process. Supporting documentation can be loaded any time after the Academic Professional candidate has been selected.

Once the hiring process has been completed, the hiring manager should prepare to welcome the new employee by Creating Expectations to discuss within the first week of employment.

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As provided in University Statutes, certain Academic Professional appointments require formal approval by the Board of Trustees (BOT), on recommendation by the President. Other appointments do not require formal Board approval but are then reported to the BOT in the “Secretary’s Report.” The full list of appointments that require prior approval can be found on the Temporary Guidelines Regarding Approval of Appointments

Appointments Requiring Direct Board of Trustees Approval