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Goals and Expectations

Every position at UIC carries specific responsibilities, requires particular expertise, and presents distinct challenges and opportunities.

Having a clear understanding of the tasks, behaviors, and competencies employees are expected to demonstrate while performing job duties is vital to ensuring individual and unit success at UIC.

When to Establish Goals and Expectations


Supervisors should schedule time with employees annually to discuss job performance goals and expectations. The objective of this conversation is to define and document the specific performance expectations required by the job position.

Supervisors should meet with new employees during the first week of employment to discuss job performance goals and expectations. Other opportunities to talk about goals and expectations include when job responsibilities change or when assigning work or projects.

This is also an opportunity to discuss job knowledge, assign learning opportunities, and develop a plan for professional development and growth.

How to Develop Goals and Expectations


Review Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Refer to the employee’s job description, assigned duties, and responsibilities to understand how the work performed in that position contributes to the workgroup, college/unit, and campus goals. Your college or unit HR representative may be able to assist you in locating this documentation.

Assign Goals and Expectations

Assign performance goals that indicate successful completion of the responsibilities associated with the job position. A well-formatted performance goal establishes an objective performance outcome that is relevant to the job position. The goal needs to be clear and concise, providing details on what is to be achieved within a specific timeframe.

Discuss with the employee their challenges and career ambitions. This will allow the supervisor to recommend opportunities for learning and development for improvement or growth.

These Goals and Expectations may be edited or updated as needed throughout the year as changes occur or as assignments are completed.

The Role of Competencies

For an overview of competencies and the proficiencies expected of all UIC employees refer to Core Competencies. Management Competencies apply only to those in a supervisory role.

Documenting Goals and Expectations


Use the Goals and Expectations form to discuss, clarify, and document goals and expectations. Share the document with the employee for reference throughout the year. This document becomes the basis for your performance and development discussions throughout the year.

On the last page of the Goals and Expectations form, the employee’s learning and professional development opportunities are recorded.

Employee Performance Management Forms