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Overcompensation Requests

Request for Compensation of Services Beyond Full Time


Approval must be obtained prior to service being performed.  Approval by the Dean(s)/Vice Chancellor(s) for both the requesting and home unit is sufficient for payment less than $500 per employee per year.  For amounts greater than $500 per employee per year, complete this request form and route for employee, requesting unit, and home unit approvals.The form will be routed to UIC-AHR for input into Banner; no PITR or other form is required.



The overcompensation form has been recently modified into an easy to read/user friendly format.

Please be advised that the form now requires that there be at least two unique approvers between the requesting department/ college and the employees’ home department/college. The form will no longer accept one approver for both. In addition, a copy of the PAPE or Job Description must be attached to the request. A link has been added to the form.

Please Note: As of COB on May 22, 2015, departments will no longer be able to initiate an Overcomp request through the on-line process. Please use the new paper form which can be access through the link below. Any electronic Overcomp request that has been submitted, and some electronic signatures have been obtained, will be honored. UIC HR will review and process the request. Any electronic request remaining in queue after July 15th will have to be resubmitted via the new paper form.

If you have any questions regarding the updated form or general process, please feel free to call 996-2219 or e-mail your inquiry to

To view the Overcompensation/Service in Excess Webinar click here

For compensation beyond $500 per employee per year, please use the links given below.

Create a New Request

Effective 5/22/2015 a process & form will be used to make a request. You will still be able to view existing requests using the old system after 5/22/2015

*For employees with any faculty appointment , Please use the following link to place a overcomp request.