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Teambuilding at UIC

Great teams do not just happen, they are built and nurtured through practical experiences, the cultivation of shared values, and the development of interpersonal collaboration skills.
Strong teams foster self-motivation, a positive work environment, and group camaraderie. Team members partner to clarify processes, establish best practices, and chart the components and milestones that lead to improved performance and shared achievement.
If you think your workgroup can benefit from the skills and habits of high-performance teamwork, email us at UICHR Organizational Development, to discuss a learning program tailored to your schedule and department needs.
Units reporting to UI Health have different contact information and procedures for teambuilding, consulting, and departmental learning requests.

Targeted Learning Solutions for Your Team Heading link

We can design and deliver custom learning programs that target specific goals for your entire team or for individual members, as a one-time event or recurring curriculum.

• Professional development consultation
• Analysis of development needs
• Customized or adapted learning content
• Team building sessions
• Performance management practices
• Custom program planning and delivery for retreats and events

What We Can Do for You Heading link

  • On-Site Training

    We come to you to provide classes and workshops to elevate your team’s performance. Content and materials can be customized to meet the needs of your work environment. Or we can provide team learning in a virtual environment.

  • Retreats and Team Events

    Use UIC Human Resources Organizational Development as a collaborator and contributor to retreats and conferences. We offer a range of courses and can design and deliver new content tailored to the schedule and objectives of your event.

  • Individual Development

    UICHR Organizational Development partners with your team for individual development with topics such as accommodating diverse work styles, emotional intelligence, effective communication skills, and focusing on shared goals to name a few.

How It Works Heading link

Contact us for a consultation and needs assessment
• We present a proposal outlining learning objectives and activities
• We collaborate with you to determine scheduling and program details

Open Registration Learning Opportunities at UIC Heading link

Individuals interested in learning professional and workplace skills have year-round access to development resources in a wide range of subject areas and delivery methods. Regularly scheduled virtual sessions, along with online on-demand learning are available. See the UICHR Training calendar for dates, times, and registration information.

UICHR Organizational Development learning programs include:

• Cognitive, interpersonal, and applied skills
• Supervisor and leadership training
LinkedIn Learning online on-demand learning library

UICHR Organizational Development Annual Report FY2023