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Employee Compliance Requirements

Employee Compliance Requirements Heading link

Information below contains links to University-wide policies and training that pertain to UIC employees. Based on an employee’s job responsibilities or business dealings, they may be required to complete various disclosure or request forms. Some forms are internal reporting requirements and are maintained within the University, while others are filed externally with various state entities.

All Employees Heading link

There are several required training topics, statements, and forms that are required for all employees as noted below.

All Academic Professional and Exempt Civil Service Employees Heading link

Positive Time Reporting
Recording of weekly time worked on University business, NOT used for time reporting purposes
Weekly, beginning the first week of employment

Academic Professional Employees Heading link

Annual Outside Activities disclosure (formerly RNUA)
Report whether or not there are any outside activities to disclose and manage

Civil Service Employees Heading link

Conflict of Interest
To disclose activities that may potentially conflict with their University role and responsibilities

Statement of Economic Interests (two forms) Heading link

Applies to: Head of a department and those with direct supervisor authority over contract $5,000 or more, authority for issuance of regulations, financial responsibility (including P-Card and T-Card holders, approvers, and managers), supervisory authority over 20 or more employees, responsibilities for procurement of goods and services.

Statement of Economic Interest
Annually in April

Supplemental Statement
Annually in April

Employees involved in Finance and Purchasing Heading link

Procurement Communications Reporting/Training
As required by policy

Finance, P-Card holders, T-Card holders, reconcilers approvers, managers, delegates

P-Card Certification Training

T-Card Certification Training

Privacy Training Heading link

Privacy Training based on employee College/Unit/Department and responsibilities

HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
As required by job responsbility and department

FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
As required by job responsibility and department

Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) Heading link

The UIC Environment Health and Safety Office (EHSO) mission is to promote and ensure a safe and healthy environment to support the University’s academic, administrative, and research functions.
Training may be required based on your job title and function. Click here to find EHSO training topics.

UI Health Compliance Heading link

Access the UI Health learning management system for compliance training for your particular role.