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What are the Benefits of Mentoring? Heading link

Benefits for Mentors

Mentors benefit from the mutual exchange of professional and personal support.

  • Mentors receive insight into the issues facing other members of an organization.
  • Mentors gain the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills in developing others in an organization.
  • Mentoring enhances interpersonal and coaching skills important in leadership development.

Benefits for Mentees

Mentoring provides mentees with enhanced coaching—someone to talk to regarding issues, concerns, and developmental objectives.

  • Mentees receive insight into the organization’s culture, structure, and objectives.
  • Mentoring provides mentees with opportunities to build critical interpersonal skills.
  • Mentees gain a better understanding of which behaviors, skills, and practices can advance their careers.

Mentoring Resources and Information Heading link

Mentoring Resource Guide

The  Mentoring Resource Guide is a general reference covering aspects of both mentor and mentee roles. It also provides contact information to use throughout the year.

Goal Setting Form

The Goal Setting Form will help mentor pairs identify goals and actions mentees can take to achieve the mentee’s goals.

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