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Your Annual Performance Review

Following the process outlined in UIC Human Resources Policy 602 Employee Performance Review, annual employee performance review meetings take place during the final quarter of the academic year.

The Annual Review is your opportunity to meet with your supervisor to discuss your job performance and accomplishments during the prior year and to assess your advancement toward your professional development goals.

The Goals and Expectations previously established will serve as the basis of your conversation. This includes reviewing any development or feedback conversations previously held and progress on any development activities that may be in place.

Begin by reviewing the goals and expectations you established with your supervisor earlier in the year.

You can prepare for the annual review meeting by completing a self-review using the Annual Review form.

A self-review will help you identify accomplishments, reflect on your performance, list professional development activities, and consider the performance feedback you have received throughout the year.

Use your completed self-review to guide your conversation with your supervisor.

Annual Review form (PDF)

You and your supervisor will discuss prior development and feedback conversations, accomplishments, and professional development activities completed during the past year.

Use this conversation to identify your strengths, investigate opportunities for performance improvement and professional development, and seek guidance and feedback about your performance.

An electronic or printed copy of the signed Annual Review should be provided. A confidential record that is kept separate from your personnel file will be placed within the unit, college, or department.