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Policy References

Exempt Leave Reporting Policy

This is a summary of the University’s policy on leave reporting guidelines for both Academic Professional and Civil Service exempt employees, i.e., those who are not eligible for overtime. Exempt employees, regardless of their employee group, are expected to be available to fulfill their professional responsibilities, which can go beyond the normal University workweek. As the focus is on fulfillment of duties, rather than tracking hours worked, exempt employees are also accorded occasional flexibility.

All exempt Academic Professional and Civil Service employees who are not eligible for overtime should be reporting absences in half- and full-day increments only (except when leave is taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act), effective 8/16/06 for Academics and 8/27/06 for Civil Service employees. Absences in increments less than half or full days should not be charged against vacation or sick leave balances.

As an example, a full-time exempt Academic Professional (40 hour workweek) would report absences in four or eight hour increments. A full-time exempt Civil Service employee on a 37.5 hour workweek would report absences in 3.75 or 7.5 hour increments. Part-time and alternative schedule employees report absences as appropriate based on their appointment. Generally speaking, the employee reports either half-day or a full-day equivalent to the value of their “normal” day.

Specific provisions regarding exempt reporting include:

  • Only half and full day absences are recorded as usage against vacation and sick leave time.
  • Accumulation of leave time to reach half or full day increments is not allowed.
  • An exempt employee’s pay will not be reduced if sufficient accrued leave benefits are not available to cover the leave.
  • Unit processes and guidelines for requesting and approving absences must be followed.

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