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Charitable Giving at UIC

Welcome to Your UIC Charitable Giving Resource Guide

At the University of Illinois Chicago, we value a commitment to community and helping others. There are opportunities to donate to various charities and causes throughout our state, community, and university.

At the UIC level, employee contributions can support the University as a whole or be directed to a certain group or unit. Through the Office of Vice Chancellor for Advancement and the UI Foundation, giving websites offer a variety of options for employee donations.

At the national, state, and community level, UIC participates in the annual Campus Charitable Fund Drive (CCFD) in partnership with the State and University Employees Combined Appeal (SECA).

Each year, UIC employees can donate to a variety of charitable organizations through the annual State and University Employee Combined Appeal (SECA). Throughout the University of Illinois system, this fund drive is known as the Campus Charitable Fund Drive (CCFD). SECA is comprised of twelve Federation Charities, representing over 1,500 charitable agencies.

At UIC, our goal is to continually increase employee participation and overall pledge dollars for the annual Campus Charitable Fund Drive.

The UIC Campus Charitable Fund Drive is coordinated by UIC Human Resources in conjunction with the State of Illinois SECA charitable campaign.

  • SECA stands for The State and University Employees Combined Appeal
  • The annual campaign allows employees to donate via a one-time donation or an ongoing payroll contribution. SECA and UIC’s Campus Charitable Fund Drive combine the efforts of twelve Charity Federations with over 1,500 agencies.
  • All charities and agencies have submitted audited financial statements and statements of their activities, as well as signatures from at least 4,000 state employees, to obtain the approval from the Office of the Comptroller to participate in SECA/CCFD.
  • Annually, the State of Illinois SECA campaign raises approximately $3,000,000 for the participating SECA and member charities and over $58 million in support of charities since the annual fund drive began.

There are two ways for UIC employees to contribute during the annual CCFD campaign. See the section below for the CCFD pledge form and instructions.

  1. Continuous payroll deduction: Employees who contribute through continuous payroll deduction have a designated amount withdrawn from their check each pay period. Designations are ongoing and continue until the employee requests a change or cancellation request in writing. At any time throughout the year a UIC employee can create, adjust, or cancel their continuous payroll deduction.
  2. One-time donation: Employees may give a one-time donation to one or more charities of their choice by completing the One-Time Direct Gift section of the CCFD pledge form. An employee can donate as an individual or a group of employees can combine their efforts and make one larger donation. One Time Direct Gift checks are made payable to “Campus Chest” and should be submitted with the completed pledge form to UIC Human Resources, CCFD, MC 897. One-time donations can also be made via the following link

2019 Campus Charitable Fund Drive Season

The 2019 “season of giving” will last from September 25, 2019 through November 20, 2019. The UIC campaign dates are October 11, 2019 through November 8, 2019.

Pledge Forms and Instructions

2019 UIC CCFD Pledge Form 

2019 UIC CCFD Pledge Form Instructions 

Continuous payroll deductions and one-time donations can each be made by using the 2019 UIC CCFD Pledge Form. The Pledge Form Instructions Page will serve as a guide to donors.

One-time donations MONEY ORDERS or BANKERS CHECKS are made payable to “Campus Chest” and should be sent with the completed pledge form via campus mail to UIC Human Resources, Special Programs/CCFD, HRB 201B MC 897. One-time donations can also be made via the following link

Continuous payroll deduction forms should be completed, signed, and sent to: UIC Human Resources, CCFD, MC 897 or faxed to 312-355-3110.

Donations and forms may also be delivered to:
UIC Human Resources, CCFD
Human Resources Building (HRB)
715 S. Wood Street, MC 897
Chicago, IL 60612

Discontinue Continuous Payroll Deductions

Employees can use the 2019 UIC CCFD Pledge Form to discontinue any present deductions. There is an option on the form to discontinue deductions under the Payroll Deduction section. This form must be signed and sent to UIC Human Resources, CCFD, MC 897.