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For All Employees

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As a major research University of growing national and international stature, UIC depends on every employee to help drive and shape its future success. In recognition of University values and standards of excellence, five Core Competencies have been identified that are fundamentally important to the performance of each UIC employee.

Core Competencies are the foundation from which employees build and enhance skills, knowledge, and abilities. Additional competencies, beyond the core five, are identified for employees functioning in Manager and Executive roles.

All employees are expected to exhibit an initial level of proficiency in each Core Competency and to demonstrate increasing proficiency as their career at UIC advances.

UIC Core Competencies

For each competency below a page is provided that defines the competency, describes expected behaviors, and lists related professional development opportunities.

  • Accountability: Accepts responsibility for actions and engages in appropriate behavior to address work-related issues.
  • Communication: Sets the tone of the work environment by practicing good communication skills, both written and verbal, including inclusive word choices and appropriate body language.
  • Cooperation: Effectively collaborates with others to enhance results of your work and your colleague’s work.
  • Customer Service: Manifests through timeliness, professionalism, and customer perceptions of how well their needs are met.
  • Integrity: Complies with laws, rules, and policies to which UIC must adhere. Honesty and care permeates every action taken by all UIC employees.
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For quick, skill-based solutions for better job performance, review the WorkSmarts videos from UIC Human Resources.