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More For Managers

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UIC is a large and complex organization with diverse colleges, departments, and units. Guided by its ambitious mission the University depends on employees in supervisory roles to act with clarity of purpose, perform with expertise, and empower every employee to achieve professional success.

Manager Competencies provide a framework of skills that help individuals achieve the goals of their college, department or unit while contributing to campus and University strategic goals. Supervisor performance reviews include mastery of related competencies in addition to the Core Competencies expected of every UIC employee.

Supervisors are expected to exhibit an initial level of proficiency in the Manager Competencies that relate to their role and to demonstrate increasing proficiency as their management career at UIC advances.

Manager Competencies

  • Focus on Results is the cornerstone of effective management practices. Communicates vision, sets priorities, develops and executes plans to help employees and team achieve desired outcomes. Takes overall responsibility for outcomes while encouraging others to embrace accountability.
  • Developing Others is an essential managerial contribution to an environment that will attract, retain, and fully engage the best talent. Supports employee efforts to perform in their current role, achieve professional goals, and plan for career achievement. Provides well-timed feedback to praise or improve quality of work.
  • Collaborative Conflict Resolution creates opportunities to develop positive working relationships for those in conflict to work toward productive solutions. Encourages constructive open dialog between employees to resolve conflict, gathers information, listens to ideas proposed by others, and models the behaviors that foster collaborative working relationships among employees.
  • Allocating Resources encompasses the efficient use of staff, time, and infrastructure needed to accomplish organizational goals. Supports unit operations by allocating staff and other resources efficiently to accomplish operational goals.
  • Managing Budgets ensures the ability to maximize resources through fiscal management, planning, and adherence to proper procedures. Demonstrates knowledge of good business practices and fiscal responsibility. Demonstrates proficiency in UIC budgeting policies where applicable.

Executive roles at UIC are director/ dean level and above. Typically responsible for directing business operations, executives often have overall accountability for college, department, or unit strategic direction and execution of operational plans.

More Competencies for Executives

  • Alliance Capitalization is the ability to identify and engage stakeholders and to form productive partnerships.
  • Long-Term Strategic Thinking is the ability to balance near-term goals with investments that further the attainment of UIC’s greater long-term vision.