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Background Check Compliance

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The revised University of Illinois Policy On Background Checks was implemented campus wide on November 1, 2015 as directed by the Board of Trustees. The policy itself can be viewed here.

A summary of the major features of the policy and the steps UIC will be taking for implementation are detailed below:

Expanded from the current inclusion of all “Security Sensitive” and all positions within the University of Illinois Hospital, to now require all Academic Professional, Civil Service, Extra Help, Faculty, Hourly, Residents, and Postdoc Research Associates to undergo a Criminal Background Check prior to beginning work at the University. For other employee groups, a Criminal Background Check is required if the position is identified as Security Sensitive, Critical or subject to the University Protection of Minors policy.

Current employees moving into a classification in the Covered Employee Groups, who have not undergone a Criminal Background Check in the last two years, will be required to satisfactorily complete this check prior to beginning work in the new classification. Checks will also be required for current employees moving into a position working with minors or into a Security Sensitive position. The University of Illinois Hospital requires Criminal Background Checks for all UIC employees transferring into the Hospital regardless of when the last check was completed.

While the primary focus of the new policy is on Criminal Background Checks (CBC), candidates may be subject to any or all of the following checks required based upon the employment classification and/or work site: Education Verification, Employment Verification, Health Clearance, License, and Sanctions Check. Please note that arrest records are not part of our Background Check process. CBC/Sanctions Checks, Verification of Previous Employment, and Education Verification will be conducted by our third party provider, General Information Systems (GIS), while other checks will be conducted and documented by the appropriate hiring authority.

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The following are the required processes for a Background Check:

All offers of employment are contingent upon the successful completion of a University background check. Therefore, all letters of offer must include the following standard verbiage, “This offer is contingent upon the successful completion of a criminal background check and other applicable pre-employment assessments.”

Per the revised policy, no individual will be hired into a position until all criminal background checks and other pre-employment assessments have been completed unless there are extenuating circumstances and proper prior approval has been obtained. The Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs and Provost may authorize a faculty member beginning work for UIC before all criminal background checks and other pre-employment assessments have been completed under extenuating circumstances. For all other employee groups, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources may authorize a staff member beginning work for UIC before all criminal background checks and other pre-employment assessments have been completed under extenuating circumstances. It is only under these circumstances where the Conditional Hire form be completed and approved.

You may conduct the Background Check and other pre-employment assessments prior to making the offer when a final candidate has been selected. (Keep in mind that while Background Checks are typically completed within 7-10 business days sometimes a longer time frame occurs.) For all jobs sourced within HireTouch, you may request the Background Checks directly through HireTouch. For jobs sourced outside of HireTouch, you will be required the use the applicable paper forms (i.e. Background Check Demographic, Disclosure, and Authorization forms).

If the applicant is from the state of California, please note the alternate forms to provide to them. The applicant is to sign and return the Authorization form and is to keep the Disclosure form. In addition, the hiring unit is to complete the Background Check Demographic form. Forward the forms (Authorization and Background Check Demographic) to the UIC HR Service Center at location on the bottom right hand corner of the Background Check Demographic form.

When the Criminal Background Check is successfully completed and there are no misdemeanor or felony convictions identified, the hiring recruiter/unit is informed to proceed with their next step on the applicant. Please note that a copy of the official email clearance sent from HireTouch or the HR Service Center must be attached to the HR Front End transaction. Should there exist a conviction in the applicant’s record, the applicant is informed as to the process for correcting any incorrect records as well as how to demonstrate their suitability to perform the job even with a criminal history.

If you have any questions about the policy or process, please contact Odell Richmond at 312-996-6356. You may also email the Criminal Background Check processing listserv at