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Conducting Annual Reviews

Following the process outlined in UIC Human Resources Policy 602 Employee Performance Review, annual employee performance review meetings take place during the final quarter of the academic year.

Eligible employees include Academic Professional and Civil Service (both open range and those covered by a union contract) employees with at least a 50% appointment. Employees should have been in the department for at least six months and civil service staff should have passed their probationary period.

Exceptions: Faculty and UI Health employees have their own review process and employees who have announced their retirement or are ending their employment within the next six months.

Annual Performance Reviews are a discussion about job performance relative to the Goals and Expectations previously established. This includes reviewing any development or feedback conversations previously held and progress on any development activities that may be in place.

While the policy focuses on Academic Professional and Civil Service employees, it is important to conduct performance conversations throughout the year with all employees, no matter what employee group they are in and how many hours they work each week. Every employee should have the opportunity to discuss their work performance with their supervisor regularly.

  • Prior to the Review

    Before the annual review meetings, prepare employees by encouraging them to complete a self-review using the Annual Review form. Supervisors will also complete this form for each employee.

    Employee Performance Management Forms

  • During the Review

    Using the supervisor’s and employee’s versions of the Annual Review form to frame the discussion, the supervisor and employee should review prior discussions about Goals and Expectations, performance feedback, and professional development held throughout the prior year.

  • Following the Review

    An electronic or printed copy of the signed Annual Review should be provided to each employee. The Annual Review is a confidential record that is kept separate from the employee’s personnel file within the unit, college, or department.

    Completion of reviews will be reported through unit, college, or department human resources according to processes within the unit. Vice Chancellors, Deans, and College/Unit Human Resources will report compliance to UIC Human Resources by August 15 each year.