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Welcoming a New Employee

New Employee Orientation for Managers Heading link

Effective support during orientation fosters a positive relationship between new employees, workplace peers, and supervisors. You and UIC focuses on campus orientation and supplements existing department and unit onboarding activities, making it easier for managers to provide a comprehensive introduction to the new employee’s workplace. The You and UIC program focuses on acculturating employees to the campus providing staff with the information and support needed to navigate an organization as complex as UIC.

Individuals can become productive in their roles quickly with the guidance and information received through their department and unit’s onboarding activities and the You and UIC program. Quickly acquiring an understanding of UIC work culture is critical to an employee’s performance. The understanding provided through individual departments and You and UIC will also strengthen the commitment and engagement needed to build long-term success and retention.

All employee content associated with You and UIC may be accessed on the New Hires section of the UIC Human Resources website.




Often, during the first months, there are moments when a new employee may be unsure of their new responsibilities and need direction and advice. The Orientation Toolkit provides help to new employees, work teams, and supervisors promote a productive first day, first week, and first year for new hires.

A set of guides support new hires during their first months will help build: 1) long-term, trusting relationship; and 2) sense of confidence executing in new role as they become familiar with UIC.

The Orientation Toolkit Manager Guide (PDF) provides resources to support managers as they welcome a new member to their team. In addition to the guide, the templates First Meeting Guide (PDF) and Welcome Letter Template (DOCX) are provided to assist with important communication.

Peer mentors provide crucial support to new employees. The Orientation Toolkit Peer Mentor Guide (PDF) and Workplace Notes (PDF) may be used by a current team member to function as a “peer mentor” to new employees.

The Orientation Toolkit Employee Guide (PDF) provides new employees with needed information to complete essential onboarding actions and learn about UIC history and organizational structure.

A series of new hire webinars provide new employees with opportunities to gather additional information about UIC culture. View and register for webinars in the “You and UIC Series” through the Just Training Calendar on the UIC Human Resources website.

In addition to new employee campus orientation activities and resources provided by UIC Human Resources, facilitated role specific orientation may occur within departments, colleges, and units.