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2020 Employee Recognition Award Program

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Employee Recognition at UIC

UIC has a long and cherished tradition of recognizing its employees for outstanding merit and years of service. UIC Human Resources works in conjunction with academic and administrative units and affiliated University organizations to honor these achievements at the annual Employee Recognition Award Ceremony held each fall.

In addition to service and merit recipients honored at the Employee Recognition Award Ceremony, numerous awards for faculty, research, and individual department achievements are awarded throughout the year by various University units and organizations.

Employee Recognition Month

Each November is Employee Recognition Month at UIC. This special time of year includes departmental ceremonies as well as campus wide programs, planned for the purpose of honoring faculty and staff. In addition to campus wide and individual department merit awards earned for outstanding achievements, UIC honors its employees for years of service beginning at five years and continuing after each five year increment. In 2019, UIC honored over 2,000 employees for years of service.

Employee Recognition Award Ceremony

This year’s event will be virtual. The Employee Recognition Award Ceremony, normally held each year at the Isadore and Sadie Dorin Forum at UIC, is the official start of Employee Recognition Month. This campus wide program serves to publicly recognize work and community accomplishments which in turn help to build morale and motivate our employees. Employees with 25 or more years of service are honored, along with campus wide merit awards. The virtual even is scheduled to launch November 17, 2020 on the UIC Human Resources website. More detailed information will be sent via email in early November.

2020 Event Information

The 2020 Virtual Employee Recognition Award Program will launch November 17, 2020. We will celebrate awardees and those employees celebrating their years of service at UIC. Service Year Recognition honorees will include those celebrating 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 years of eligible service to the university.

Awards which will be recognized include the Award of Merit, CAPE Award, and Janice Watkins Award.

In addition to these prestigious awards, we are pleased to announce a new award for the 2020 Award Season created by the Chancellor. The Chancellor’s COVID-19 Response Award (CCRA) will honor the contributions of UIC employees who serve as first responders or who have significantly contributed to maintaining campus operations during this unprecedented time.

We look forward to celebrating with you during the month of November.

2020 Award Recipients

Please see the links below for the names of those employees celebrating years of service, 5 through 55 years of service, the UIC Award of Merit, Chancellor’s COVID-19 Response Award (CCRA), CAPE Award, and Janice Watkins Award.

Employee Awards Honored at the Employee Recognition Award Ceremony

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Chancellor’s COVID-19 Response Award (CCRA)

In recognition of the extraordinary efforts of UIC employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chancellor is announcing a new award to recognize and honor outstanding UIC Faculty, Academic Professional, and Civil Service employees.

Acknowledging the impact created by COVID-19 and UIC’s ability to meet this challenge deserves special recognition.


The Chancellor’s COVID-19 Response Award (CCRA) will honor the contributions of UIC employees who serve as first responders or who have significantly contributed to maintaining campus operations during this unprecedented time.

The award is a university-wide honor available to UIC Faculty, Academic Professional and Civil Service staff who exhibit exceptional service, commitment, and dedication to UIC. Employees to be honored with this award will have demonstrated extraordinary efforts to maintain critical operations, assist students in transitioning to online classes, provide outstanding care and kindness to patients and their families, deliver innovative and quality virtual instruction, and ensure the safety and well-being of others.

There will be ten awards granted during the 2020 Employee Award Season. Each recipient of the CCRA will receive a $2,000, one-time cash award and an award memento. The ten awards will be granted as follows:

  • Front-line Responders: 6 awards
  • Other Contributors: 4 awards


Eligible nominees must be a permanent UIC Faculty, Academic Professional or Civil Service employee at UIC, including UIC regional campus locations and Chicago-based units of the University of Illinois System.

UIC administrators at the level of Dean, Vice Chancellor, Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost are not eligible for the award.

Any employee with disciplinary action on their University employment record within the last three years or who has been issued a terminal contract will not be eligible for the CCRA. Information will be verified by UIC Human Resources and the nominee’s unit.


Nominees for the CCRA will be evaluated based on their outstanding contributions and exemplary professional performance to UIC during the COVID-19 pandemic, using the following guidelines.

The nominee should demonstrate the following:

  • Create a positive impact on UIC through the demonstration of extraordinary efforts and attention to the unique demands of the workplace as imposed by the pandemic.
  • Responsiveness to the needs of patients, students, staff and others, exhibiting qualities such as outstanding customer service, leadership, and/or teamwork.
  • Assistance in maintaining mission critical operations; adapting to the situation with resiliency, creativity in problem solving and initiative.
  • Demonstrated overall excellence in work performance while embracing institutional values.


UIC Faculty, Academic Professional, and Civil Service employees may submit nominations for the award. Nominators need not be direct supervisors of the nominee.


Nominations submitted must include the following information.

  1. A completed two-page CCRA nominating form.
  2. A narrative prepared by the nominator stating how the nominee meets the CCRA evaluation criteria described above.
  3. Two to five letters of endorsements as related to the nomination.

The CCRA nominator should provide details about how the nominee’s actions have helped maintain and enhance UIC’s operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The narrative should also outline how the nominee has contributed above and beyond basic job requirements and provide examples.

Nomination letters should include a representative sampling from the individuals with whom the nominee interacts, reflecting his or her personal and professional contributions as described by the nominator in the narrative.

The nominator should convey clearly how the nominee is a model of excellence.


The nomination review committee will include representatives from the Office of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, UI Health, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.


Award recipients will be recognized at the 2020 Employee Recognition Award Ceremony and Reception that will hopefully be held on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, at the UIC Isadore and Sadie Dorin Forum (or will be held virtually, depending on the circumstances).

2020 Nomination Form and Instructions (FillablePDF)

Service Recognition Awards

Service Recognition Awards recognize Academic Professionals and Civil Service employees and faculty for years of service to UIC in five-year increments starting with 25 years of service. Departmentally, employees are recognized for every 5 years of service.


UIC Service Year Policy 701

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit recognizes outstanding Academic Professionals and Civil Service employees. It is a university-wide honor available to UIC campus staff who exhibit service, commitment, and dedication. Award recipients receive $2,500 and a memento gift. The included links will outline the nomination instructions, process and past recipients.

2020 Nomination Form and Instructions (Fillable PDF)

Award of Merit Past Recipients

CAPE Award

The Chancellor’s Academic Professional Excellence Award (CAPE Award) was established in 1988. It recognizes the demonstrated excellence of Academic Professional staff. It encourages their professional development and indicates the institution’s high regard for the contributions of this key segment of the university community. The CAPE award is based on peer review broadly selected from the ranks of the Academic Professionals throughout campus. The CAPE Selection Committee is a standing committee of APAC and is chaired by an APAC member. The Selection Committee is made up of Academic Professionals from both the east and west campuses which may include past CAPE recipients. UIC faculty, Academic Professionals, Civil Service employees, and students can nominate a deserving Academic Professional for the award. In 2019 there were six recipients of the CAPE Award. Honorees receive memento gift, a $1,000 permanent increase to the individual’s salary, and a $2,000 one-time cash award.

CAPE Award Website

Janice Watkins Award

The Janice Watkins Award recognizes exceptional Civil Service employees for their distinguished service to the University. Sponsored by the Staff Advisory Council, the design for the award is based on three interlocking components signifying the unity of faculty, staff, and students of the University of Illinois at Chicago. The award is a token of gratitude from the university and is awarded to Civil Service employees who exhibit a pleasant, warm demeanor and provide willing assistance to others and perform duties with diligence and dedication. The nominations can be submitted by faculty, staff, or students familiar with the nominee’s activities.

Janice Watkins Award Website

UI Health

Class Act Award, Employee of the Year, Physician of the Year, Resident of the Year


Hospital guests and staff may nominate UI Health employees for the Class Act Award and the Physician of the Year and Resident of the Year. These recipients continuously contribute to the delivery of world class patient care; regularly show good judgment and initiative; go above and beyond performance expectations; is a role model; demonstrates a willingness to become more efficient and effective when providing patient care; and exemplify the UI CARE behaviors.

The Employee of the Year recipient is selected by the employee recognition committee from the year’s Class Act recipients. This employee’s identity is announced at an annual dinner held in honor of the year’s Class Act awardees.

UI Health Employee Recognition Web page

Recognition Awards throughout UIC

Office of Faculty Affairs

UIC Faculty Awards


Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Researcher of the Year Award


The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

VCSA Contact: Tenisha Burnett, 312-996-7140, tenisha@uic.edu

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Outstanding New Staff Award
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Outstanding Staff Award
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Outstanding Program Award
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Outstanding Department Award


UI Health

UI Health Employee Recognition Program

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