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Minima for Graduate Appointments

Chicago Campus

Effective August 16, 2024 Heading link

AY2024 - 2025
% TimeHours Per Day Monthly ($)Hours Per Pay 9-month Annual ($)
50%4$2,688.89 86.67 $24,200.00
33%2.64$1,774.6757.20 $15,972.00
25%2$1,344.4443.33 $12,100.00

Note: Graduate Hourly Minimum for AY 2024-2025 $31.03 (effective August 18, 2024)


E-Class GA Titles:

GRAD ASST (Administrative)



Student vs Graduate Assistant

The following is meant to help distinguish a Student Employee appointment from a Grad appointment .”Grad Assistant-Student” is no longer an appropriate title.  In legacy systems it was used to distinguish a Student Employee (SA) job held by someone with a Grad Assistantship (GA).  However, Banner allows a mix of employee-group jobs, so the title of each job should be distinctive to the e-class.

Student Group (SA)

  • Undergraduates
  • Graduate students doing Student Employee work (may be paid at higher rate with Student Employment approval). Please visit the Student Employment website for more information.

Hourly Group(HG)

  • Graduate students doing Graduate level work being paid by the hour for temporary special projects. Student must be registered in graduate level course(s) during the duration of their employment Hours are not pre-determined and may fluctuate every week.

Grad Group(GA)

  • Grad Assistantships with percent appointments
  • May have additional appointment as Grad student defined under Hourly.
  • May have additional appointment as Student employee.
  • The type of work being done is the defining qualifier. Appointments for Student Employment work need to be routed to the Student Employment Director.