Relocation Assistance Information Alert

The University of Illinois has updated the policy on relocation assistance options offered to eligible newly hired or transferred employees.  The revised Policy 8.11 Relocation Assistance  and reference information can be found on the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) website.

Units may, when funds are available, provide relocation payments, when appropriate, to new or transferred permanent, full-time members of the faculty, administrative, academic professional staff, and civil service staff.  Relocation payments or reimbursements are considered taxable income, may not be grossed-up, and are not considered wages for SURS purposes.

The new policy allows the University to provide cumulative relocation payment(s) up to $15,000, subject to approval of the Dean, Vice Chancellor, or an authorized Unit Head.  Any payment(s) in excess of $15,000 must be approved in advance by the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs, Provost or their designee.  The Associate Chancellor for Budget and Financial Administration is the Chancellor’s designee.

Units may choose to offer relocation assistance either in varying forms of (1) a one-time moving payment to the new/transferring employee, or (2) a direct payment to a moving vendor.  Both methods required documentation in a signed employment offer letter as justification for the payment.

Regardless of which manner a unit chooses to offer the relocation assistance, either a “one-time moving payment to the employee” or “reimbursement for expenses incurred when relocating,” they will also be able to process direct payments to University of Illinois System-contracted moving vendors.

UIC Human Resources (UICHR) has updated the Academic Professional offer letter templates with language options pertaining to the relocation assistance.  Units can choose which option is most suitable based on the specific scenario at hand. Please reference the Template Letters resource page on the UICHR website.

Additional policy information can be found on the OBFS website under Policy 8.11 Relocation Assistance.  Specifically, you will find Policies: 8.11.1 One-Time Moving Payment to the Employee and 8.11.2 Reimbursement for Relocation Expenses Incurred.


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