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Grad Assistant Dental and Vision Benefits

Graduate Assistant Dental Program

The Graduate Assistant Dental Program (GADP) is a dental benefit plan that provides coverage for preventative care and treatment for eligible participants. This program will offer the eligible participant expanded covered services over previous plan provisions. It will also offer two care provider choices that will allow the participant to save substantial care dollars.

Eligibility for Participation in GADP

The Graduate Assistant Dental Program is provided by the University for Graduate Assistants with an appointment of 25-67% time as a research, teaching or graduate assistant or an appointment to a Graduate College Fellowship that includes a tuition and service fee waiver (e.g., University, Dean’s Scholar, Diversifying Faculty in Illinois ).

Students who meet the eligibility criteria for the dental program will be automatically enrolled.

Students who receive an assistantship/fellowship beginning in the fall semester are eligible for benefits from August 16 through August 15 of the following academic year. Students who have an assistantship/fellowship starting the spring semester are eligible for benefits beginning January 1 through August 15.

GADP Coverage

The GADP provides coverage up to $950 per year paid by the University. For most services, there is a co-payment payable by the participant at the time of care. The fee charged and co-payment is dependent on the care provider selected. Only faculty members or fourth year dental students can be selected as care providers. If a participant chooses to be seen by a faculty member of the College of Dentistry the fee schedule will be assessed at the then prevailing fee associated with the College’s residents (about 2/3 to 3/4 usual and customary fee charged in the Chicago area). If care is rendered by a fourth year dental student the fee schedule used will be the then prevailing undergraduate fee (about 1/2 the usual and customary fee charged in the Chicago area). Co-payments for faculty provided care range from 30%-50% depending on the nature of the procedure performed. The co-payments for dental student provided care range from 10%-30%. Some procedures (mostly diagnostic and preventive in nature) are covered at 100% regardless of provider.

Please see SCHEDULE OF BENEFITS for specific benefit provisionsand co-payment requirements.

Once a provider type has been selected the participant must stay with the provider type for the rest of the benefit year.

Spousal/domestic partner and/or dependent coverage is available for a fee of $250 per annum. The fee is due at the time of enrollment. Once the fee is paid, the care provider options, fees applied and co-payments are identical to all other eligible participants .

If a graduate assistant already has other insurance in addition to the GADP, the College of Dentistry will provide the plan participant with the necessary documentation for submission to the insurance company.

How to Use GADP Benefits

Appointments can be scheduled by calling the Faculty Dental Practice at (312) 355-1401. First time patients must register on the day of their appointment at Central Registration and identify themselves as having GADP coverage. Faculty Dental Practice staff will provide instructions regarding Central Registration when the first appointment is scheduled. All plan participants must present valid picture identification at the time of service.

Faculty Dental Practice Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm (subject to the established holiday schedule of the University of Illinois Chicago ).

Emergency care is available by appointment. If you experience a dental emergency, call the Faculty Dental Practice Office at (312) 355-1401 to schedule an emergency visit. Treatment or palliative care is covered according to the SCHEDULE OF BENEFITS

Questions regarding eligibility for enrollment or benefit provisions of the Graduate Assistant Dental Plan should be directed to the Chicago Benefits Service Center at 996-6471.

UIC Graduate Assistant Vision Care Benefit

The University of Illinois is pleased to offer a vision care program for all graduate assistants and Graduate College fellows who meet the following terms of eligibility:

  • an appointment of 25 – 67% time as a research assistant, graduate assistant or teaching assistant, OR
  • an appointment to a Graduate College fellowship that includes a tuition and service fee waiver from the Graduate College.

All eligible assistants and fellows must also:

  • be enrolled in a degree program.
  • fulfill Graduate College registration requirements

Students meeting the eligibility criteria are automatically enrolled in the vision care benefit program.

BENEFITS:   Examination once every 12 months by a VSP doctor


The primary purpose of this VSP vision care plan is to provide professional eye exams and material discounts to help pay the cost of materials. When obtaining services from a VSP doctor, the exam is covered in full, less any applicable co-payment. Members receive a 20 percent discount off the VSP doctor’s usual and customary fees for complete pairs of prescription glasses. The discount includes lenses and lens characteristics chosen for cosmetic reasons. A 15 percent discount applies to the doctor’s professional services for all types of prescription contact lenses. This discount applies to professional services only, materials are provided at usual and customary fees.

Obtaining services from a VSP doctor: When you want to obtain vision care services, call a VSP doctor to make an appointment. For details on how you locate a VSP doctor, contact VSP at 800-877-7195 to request a VSP doctor listing. Make sure you identify yourself as a VSP member, and be prepared to provide the covered member’s university identification number (uin) . The VSP doctor will contact VSP to verify your eligibility and plan coverage, and will also obtain authorization for services and materials. If you are not currently eligible for services, the VSP doctor is responsible for communicating this to you. VSP will pay the doctor directly for covered services and materials.

Obtaining services from an out-of network provider: Services obtained from an out-of network provider will be reimbursed up to $25.00 less any co-payment. Discounts on prescription glasses and contact lens evaluation and fitting are not available for out-of-network providers. For out-of-network reimbursement, pay the entire bill when you receive services, then send your itemized receipts and full patient and member information to VSP. Claims must be submitted to VSP within six months from your date of service. Please keep a copy of the information for your records and send the originals to the following address: Vision Service Plan, Out-of-Network Provider Claims, P.O. Box 997105 , Sacramento , CA 95899-7105 .


Laser Vision Correction: VSP’s Laser VisionCare program is also available to those covered under this VSP Well Vision Plan. It is designed to provide members with a discount off laser surgery when obtained through VSP contracted doctors, surgeons and laser centers. This program includes the two most common laser vision correction procedures, laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). Call your VSP doctor to check if he or she is participating in the program. Doctors can also be located on VSP’s Web site at or by calling 888-354-4434.

For Vision Service Plan Member Services Support: please contact 800-877-7195 or visit the VSP website .

Questions regarding eligibility for enrollment or benefit provisions should be directed to the student’s unit.