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Academic Professional Employees

What is an Academic Professional employee? Heading link

The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) is a public institution and many of the job positions on our campus are subject to the employment rules established for state universities.

Some of these positions meet specialized administrative, professional, or technical needs as defined by the State Civil Service Act and are considered exempt from standard Civil Service practice or guidelines. These are known as Academic Professional positions.

Academic Professional employees can be found in many faculty and administrative positions throughout our colleges and campus organizations.

For a quick reference to the practical distinctions between Civil Service and Academic Professional employment, see our comparison chart.

Comparing Full Time Civil Service and Academic Professional (Non-Faculty) (PDF)

Faculty employees and positions are managed by Faculty Affairs Human Resources.

For more information please visit University of Illinois Statutes, Academic and Administrative Staffs (Article IX).

The following information pertains to administrative (non-faculty) Academic Professional employees.

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Academic Professionals are responsible for decisions based on administrative policies and are expected to perform with only general administrative supervision or direction. These positions require the minimum education level of a Bachelor degree.

You can find currently available administrative and faculty Academic Professional positions on our web site.

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What is the Notification of Appointment (NOA)?

The Academic Professional is employed on a contract basis. Generally contracts are renewed annually, however, Academic Professional employees do not have an assumed right to indefinite continued employment.

The Notification of Appointment (NOA) represents the Academic Professional employee’s contract of appointment. It originates from the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois and includes a specific start and end date, salary, title, and other pertinent employment information.

The NOA is available online. Academic Professional employees who have not received a Notice of Non-Reappointment (see below) may view both current and past NOAs created after August 2004.

What is a Notice of Non-Reappointment?

A Notice of Non-Reappointment (i.e., terminal contract or “T-Contract”) is the formal process of notifying the Academic Professional that their contract will not be renewed. A formal Notice of Non-Reappointment is required for the termination of any full-time, non-visiting Academic Professional employee. Individuals issued a Notice of Non-Reappointment will receive an amended NOA from the Board of Trustees that provides their new terms of employment.

For specific information regarding the notice of non-reappointment see UIC Human Resources Policy 1205, Notices of Non-Reappointment and Terminal Contracts (PDF).

What are Notification Rights?

Notification Rights represent the amount of notice that must be given to an Academic Professional employee in the event their contract will not be reviewed.

The length of the required notice period is determined by two factors: (1) the length of time the employee has served the university in an eligible position; and (2) the source of funds from which the employee is paid (“hard” vs. “soft” funds).

For specific information regarding notice rights see UIC Human Resources Policy 1205, Notices of Non-Reappointment and Terminal Contracts (PDF).

When do I get paid?

Academic professional staff are paid once per month on the 16th day of each calendar month. See Office of Business and Financial Services Payroll Schedule.

What are the work schedules?

Academic Professional employees are exempt from overtime pay, and they typically work at least 40 hours per week to be considered full time. However, the operational needs of the department may require work hours in excess of the typical 40 hour work week.

What is Service Time?

Service time is accrued from your first day of hire until your employment ends. Service time is accumulated only when in ‘paid’ status (not including unpaid leaves, suspensions, or overtime). Service time is used to calculate eligibility for some employee benefits programs.

Am I eligible for vacation leave?

Full time 12 month academic professional employees earn 24 vacation days per year. Requests for use of vacation days are handled through the employee’s department and must follow department guidelines.

For more information about Vacation Leave please view NESSIE:

UIC Human Resource Policy 802.01 (PDF)

Am I eligible for time off on holidays?

Yes. The University recognizes a total of 11 paid holidays. For more details about designated holidays and usage please view:

To view the UIC Holiday Schedule for the current year:

Am I eligible for Sick Leave?

Full time, 12 month, Academic Professional employees accrue up to 12 days of cumulative sick leave per year (1 day per month). Employees must have their supervisor’s approval to charge an absence against accumulated sick leave.

For more information about Sick Leave please view NESSIE:

UIC Human Resource Policy 801.05 (PDF)

What about Retirement and Benefits?

Eligible employees participate in the State Universities Retirement System (SURS). There are also a number of additional optional retirement plans available.

The University of Illinois offers a wide range of Benefits, including health insurance and wellness plans. Participation and eligibility varies.