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Academic Professional Non-Reappointment

What is a Notice of Non-Reappointment? Heading link

Academic Professionals are employed on a contract basis. Generally contracts are renewed annually, however, Academic Professional employees do not have an assumed right to indefinite continued employment.

A Notice of Non-Reappointment is the formal process of notifying the Academic Professional that their contract will not be renewed and is required for the termination of any full-time, non-visiting Academic Professional employee.

To complete the process, a Notice of Non-Reappointment (Terminal) Letter is presented to the employee and submitted to the UIC HR Service Center via HR Front End transaction.

For more information about the process: Academic Notices of Non-Reappointment

HR Front End Notice of Non-Reappointment Processing Job Aid

UICHR Policy 1205 – Notices of Non-Reappointment

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Notification Rights

Notification Rights represent the length of notice an Academic Professional employee may be entitled to. The notice period can range from 2-12 months. This is contingent upon the funding source and the employee’s length of eligible service with the University. Notice can be given at any time, but the employee remains employed for the duration of the required notice or length of the existing employment contract, whichever is greater. Timing is important if the current NOA is coming up for renewal.

Academic Professionals employed less than 100% full time or whose current role is Visiting, Acting, or Interim are not eligible for notification rights. Full time Academic Professionals have notice rights ranging from 2 to 12 months based on: (1) the length of time the employee has served the university in an eligible position; and (2) the source of funds from which the employee is paid (“hard” vs. “soft” funds).

Similar to Academic Professionals, Postdoc Research Associates may also be eligible to Notification Rights.  While formal notice from the Board of Trustees is not required for appointments that are subject to receipt of funds (soft funding), formal notice must be given 6 months before the end of the current contract for employees that are paid from a guaranteed (hard) funding source. If the notice is issued later than 6 months prior to the contract’s expiration, an additional year of appointment must be offered to the Postdoc Research employee.

An employee’s Notification Rights can be determined by contacting the UICHR Service Center:

Notice of Non-Reappointment For Academic Professional Employees Supervisor/Department Head Guide

UICHR Policy 1205 – Notices of Non-Reappointment

Extenuating Circumstances

A Unit may decide to not reappoint an Academic Professional for legitimate business reasons (budgetary limitations, job performance concerns, the work performed may be no longer required in the unit, etc.) so long as the criteria is not discriminatory. Extenuating circumstances, such as leave status, suspected criminal behavior, policy violations, etc., may impact the notification process.

Examples of extenuating circumstances:

  • Lack of or loss of required credentials
  • Failure to report to work
  • Failure to return from planned leave
  • Refusal to perform assigned work
  • Appears on a government exclusion or sanctions list
  • Significant policy violations
  • Has claimed discrimination
  • Is a whistleblower
  • Is on approved leave, workers compensation, SURS disability, etc.
  • Suspicion of criminal activity, violence, threats, theft, fraud, drug or alcohol abuse

If you are uncertain how to proceed given any present circumstances, work with your Human Resources representative to determine the appropriate department for support.

  • Labor and Employee Relations: (312) 355-3055
  • The Office for Access and Equity: (312) 996-8670
  • University Counsel: (312) 996-7762
  • University Ethics Office: (866) 758-2146,
  • UIC Police Chicago campus (312) 355-5555 or 911

Post-Notice Assignment

Following the issuance of a Notice of Non-Reappointment, the employee may continue in their current role and department or they may be reassigned.

Based on the employee’s current job function, it may be prudent to reassign the employee to another area or to different responsibilities for the duration of the notice period. While broad in nature, the decision to reassign the employee must be based on legitimate business purposes. In any case, the current supervisor will still manage employee for the duration of employment.

Benefit Time

The employee will continue to earn sick and vacation accruals for the duration of their contract and may be required to exhaust unused vacation time during the notice period to reduce final payout.

UICHR Policy 1207 – Payment of Terminal Benefits for Academic Employees

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What should occur in the meeting with employee?

The supervisor and/or department HR representative:

  • Should schedule a private meeting with the employee
  • Inform the employee that their contract is not being renewed
  • Present a copy of the Notice of Non-Reappointment (Terminal) Letter to the employee
  • DO NOT discuss reasons for non-reappointment
  • Set expectations for the duration of employment
  • Inform employee of changes if being reassigned
  • Inform employee on use of vacation/benefit time
  • Address any security or systems access concerns
  • Take notes of how discussion went and employment terms that were agreed upon

For more information about the process: Academic Notices of Non-Reappointment

UICHR Policy 1205 – Notices of Non-Reappointment

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Academic Professional Notices of Non-Reappointment Heading link

Academic Notices of Non-Reappointment