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Focus on Results

Focusing on results is the cornerstone of effective management practices. Achieving results for an organizational group requires that objectives are identified and defined, meaningful metrics are established, and progress is tracked and managed.

Effective supervisors learn to communicate a vision, set priorities, develop and execute plans to achieve the desired outcome. Demonstrating leadership, positive communication, and cooperation promotes a focus on results for members of their organizational group, its partners, and collaborators.

Focus on Results in Practice


  • Manages time and schedules to maximize efficiency
  • Identifies department goals and confirms staff actions necessary to achieve goals
  • Defines metrics to monitor progress toward achieving department goals
  • Helps employees set priorities to complete most important work first
  • Provides employees with guidelines that foster a customer-centric focus
  • Identifies underperforming employees and provides guidance and support to improve their work product
  • Simplifies processes to enable employees to work in a more efficient manner
  • Collaborates with employees, alumni, and the community to achieve defined college/unit goals
  • Outlines best practices and goal-setting targets to achieve college, department, or unit strategic intent and benchmarks for success



Instructor-Led Courses

Leadership Essentials, a two-day training session, is designed to provide new managers and supervisors with information required to function in their role more effectively. The training includes a pre-session assessment tool, facilitated discussions about managing work teams at UIC, detailed information about application of key HR policies and post-session management tools.